We are thrilled that you are coming to your first class at Joule Studios!  We're so sure you're going to love it here, we are offering your first class, whether it's cycling, yoga or TRX for just $10! Pick one and give it a whirl! If you need help deciding which one fits your style, talk to our staff and we can help point you in the right direction.


For cycling: A fitted tank or t-shirt with capris or cycling shorts is recommended for comfort on the saddle.  Cycling shoes with SPD or Look cleats are required at Joule Studios.  Cycling shoes are provided free for your first visit, and are available for rent or sale after the first visit (shoe rental is free for those who have memberships).  New riders are encouraged to arrive at least 15 minutes early for the Joule Team to show you around and help you get set up properly on the bike. 

For Yoga or TRX: A fitted tank and shorts, capris or athletic leggings are suggested for women; tank top or T-shirt and shorts are suggested for men.


We’re thrilled you want to take classes at Joule Studios! New participants are required to sign a waiver in the studio prior to your first class, and students who are under 18 years old must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian on site.


For your comfort and convenience, we provide restrooms equipped with showers and spa-quality toiletries, including shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, razors, Q-tips, hair ties, chap stick, dry shampoo, deodorant, wet wipes, hair dryers, etc. Secure lockers with simple, easy to use digital locks are provided at no charge. Instructions are printed on the locker, but our staff will always be happy to assist in securing your personal belongings.


To register, create an account at the "Register/Login" link at the top of the website. From there, you can go straight to the class booking page to book your first class. To get a description of each class, click on the class name and a description will pop up.  After booking a class, stop in at the front desk and either sign in at the IPad at the front desk, or check in with the Joule staff. For cycling classes, sign your name next to your preferred bike at the front desk to reserve your spot. Unclaimed spots will be released 4 minutes prior to class, so it’s super important you remember to check in.


First time participants are encouraged to arrive 15-20 minutes early to settle in and give our staff a few minutes to show you the ins and outs of the studio.  Because of safety concerns, new participants will not be admitted to class if they arrive late.  All classes start on time, so make sure you’re in class before the designated start time!


We suggest you have a light snack approximately 30-60 minutes prior to your ride, or no less than 2 hours before yoga or TRX. Check our Facebook and Blog for tips from our instructors.


Hydration is the key to an energizing, effective, and successful workout. Make sure you begin drinking water about 2 hours before your class. Continue drinking during and after the class.  Filtered water is available, and water bottles are for sale in the studio.  


Proper alignment on the bike is essential to protecting your knees, shoulders and back. Our Schwinn Carbon Blue bikes are a snap to adjust. For safety and effectiveness of the ride, it’s important that a trained staff member assist you in setting up your bike.