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SPOTLIGHT Julie Mulloy

We are proud to recognize Julie for her intense commitment to health and fitness. Not only has she established a consistent Hot practice. She has inspired multiple friends, family members and colleagues to do the same. If you know Julie, then she's probably invited to you class! She is an integral part of our studio and we may end up naming a studio after her considering how many people she has brought to class. She is always smiling, even in flight with full locust pose! Her solid practice, focus and dedication continuously inspires all of us to push harder!


What stood out to you after taking your first class at Joule?


How extremely exhausted I was after hot yoga. I felt like I’d run 6 miles- however none of my joints felt that way. I also didn’t know yoga could have cool motivating music like I’d found in spin classes! My first spin class there was eye opening with the choreography, lights, mirrors, and awesome rocking tunes. I didn’t check my watch once to see how much time was left!



What do you find to be your greatest strength? 


Getting a group of people together to do something they don’t necessarily want to do. Not like I’m the friend who says “Let’s go jump off a bridge”…. more like I’m the friend who says “Come on, join us, even though you don’t like 105 degree heat or sweating!” I’m good at getting people addicted to Joule.


What keeps you coming back to Joule? 


The awesome instructors that push me, the friends that join me, the eucalyptus scented towels, the way I sleep at night, and the high calorie burn without stepping on a treadmill.



What was your life like before becoming a member? 


Much less sweaty, and less laundry. I found entertainment in a variety of sports- hockey, mountain biking, cross country skiing, running, snow boarding and tennis. But my body hurt. I had pain in my IT bands, arches of my feet, lower back and hips. Now I wake up pain free each day.


What are your goals for the upcoming months?


The never ending goal of cleaning up my house? Be a good carpool mom? I don’t have any set fitness goals aside from swimming again for a triathlon this summer. My long term goal in life is to be a good person and the type of person people want to be around. 


If you had one song that your instructor could play to give you an extra boost what would it be?


Well one class Jeff hit up Guns and Roses ‘Patience’ and it was the best half moon I’ve ever executed. More traditionally, play “Eye of the Tiger” and this Rocky Fan will crush it. Of course “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons will also put me in high gear. Pretty much any song on Angie’s iPod will motivate me.


What is the most common thing you find yourself saying to your fitness peers at Joule?


“Wow, it seemed really hot in there today”…. “You guys really dominated that wind removing pose”…. and “See you tomorrow at the 9:15!"


From the entire staff at Joule, we really appreciate your energy, drive and smiles you share in every class. Keep rockin' it Julie!