Several months ago at one of our DJ Rides, I remember helping a new client get clipped into the pedals on her bike.  She was nervous - she was just getting back into the fitness routine, it had been years since she'd been on a bike, and definitely had not had her feet clipped into the pedals of a bike before.  Talk about commitment!  As the ride progressed, I watched her out of the corner of my eye.  I was impressed - here she was, trying something brand new, feeling like a fish out of water, unsure about the choreography, what the cues meant, or what a "jog out of the saddle" was. 


I recognized that look.  I remember feeling that exact same feeling when I went to my first Soul Cycle class in New York many years ago.   The woman setting me up on my bike said, in a loving way, "she's going to cue a lot of choreography - just do what you can and you'll be fine."  I remember thinking "oh, I'll be fine - I've been doing spin classes in Alaska since 2000". Little did I know what was about to happen - the lights went down, the music started bumpin', and the instructor cued all manner of running out of the saddle with these crazy things called tap backs and push ups.  Halfway through the class, I had to reset in the saddle and just ride because my quads were on fire and I couldn't keep up.  But, I knew I was immediately in love with this new kind of riding - the music, riding to the beat in the dark, and most of all, the insane amount of energy the instructor pumped into the room the entire time.   


Back to my story about the DJ Ride.  Toward the end of the class, Ellie Goulding's "Army" came on, and I'm looking around the room getting teary-eyed.  The room was filled mostly with our existing members, including several from one of the military troops that visit our studio (HOOAH!) . Some riders were trying to get back into the fitness routine, and some had just heard about the party on the bike that is our DJ ride with the EDM and hip hop blastin'- and just wanted to experience it!  I checked in on my new rider - she had her eyes closed, out of the saddle, listening to the words of the song and riding almost entirely on the beat, and I could tell she was 100% into it.  I could tell she'd found her tribe.


Doing something for the first time can be intimidating.  But, If you're sitting on the sidelines in life because you're afraid of failure - you're never going to grow and experience new things. It doesn't have to look or be perfect.  All we care about is whether you are getting healthy and having fun.


So get it here, clip in, rock out with us, and vibe with your tribe.