We all start somewhere.  We come into this world instinctively learning.  Naturally learning to walk then run. We started school in PK or Kindergarten and worked to graduate high school or college.  We began our careers at a lower level and worked or are working our way up the ladder.  It is our human nature to build and grow intellectually and physically.  There is also a beginning somewhere with physical fitness.  Our first workout, shoot our first week of workouts, NO!  Almost ALL of the workouts we do, we huff, puff, sweat and push.  We feel our muscles burning, our chest heaving and our hearts racing.  It doesn’t always matter if you are brand new to the game or if you are a seasoned vet.  What matters is your dedication to YOU!  Cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and flexibility training all require HONOR and appreciation of our bodies and our minds.  

I said it the other day in one of my cycle classes, “We walk in here at times not wanting to work, but we leave here kicking our heels in the air because of how we feel when we are done working.”   The reward that is felt internally after pushing ourselves for ourselves is by far the best feeling one can have.  Making that commitment to our bodies and minds will carry us through our work day.  Give us a bigger and better smile for our families.  It will aid in getting a great night's sleep, among so many other things.  It truly is the best gift you could give YOU! I personally believe the biggest challenge with physical fitness is walking through the doors of the facility for the first time.  Honor yourself.  Surprise yourself.  Join me and others on this journey of empowerment, growth and love.  Don’t ever fear the un-tapped power you hold within you.  

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