That’s the sensation I felt as I stood in my first Hot Yoga class in 2010 at Anchorage Yoga.  I was told that I needed more core strengthening and stretching to counteract all the running and triathlon training I was doing, so a friend recommended I try yoga.  What was I doing here?  I was NOT a yogi. I don’t have time for this, it’s not running… and Savasana is SUCH a waste of precious time in my day!  I hate to say it, but it was months before these words would leave my head during class.  But, I kept coming back.  Not because I had “committed” to it, but because every time I walked out of class drenched in sweat, body fatigued, hair a hot mess, I felt GREAT!  So good that I often times wanted to go for a run AFTER class.  And I slept so much better.

Statistics say I was not alone.  Participation in yoga has been on the rise over the last decade in the US.  Of the people who currently practice yoga, 75% of you also participate in some other exercise, including running, cycling, weightlifting, etc. (Seattleyoganews.com). And there are many studies highlighting the numerous benefits of yoga. So, for those of you who say that yoga is not for you, you might just be surprised!  If you give it a go, you might get tricked into loving it too.  We hope you do! 😊