About Us

Welcome to Joule Studios, where fitness and fun converge to create joyful mind-body connections!  Joule was founded on a belief that movement of the body and connection with the breath creates healthier, happier people that are working together to create a positive community.  We are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals with inspirational instruction that is purposeful. Our tag line “energize your life” is not just a play on words – we have experienced and witnessed the greater life energy that comes from regular and sustained physical activity, especially when connected with a larger group of riders/yogis that are all pushing towards the same goals.  Whether you’re riding side to side in one tribal group to the beat of the music in our cycling classes, sweating it out in a 105 degree Hot Yoga studio with other yogis, or increasing your core strength in a TRX class, you can be sure that you will never enjoy achieving fitness more than you do at Joule Studios!   

At Joule Studios we believe each of us has a vast energy supply that we can tap into.

We manifest this energy when we:

  • sprint

  • climb

  • dance

  • hold a challenging pose

  • work a core sequence……

We are energized when the beat starts thumping, the lights dance and we move as one.